Workshop participants share their experiences:

“This is a really useful workshop to learn how to work with OER and also how to create them. I learned a lot.”

“The workshop contained thoughtful, organized, and important material for all instructors teaching online.”

“It is important to keep abreast of the laws and regulations related to online teaching and learning. The facilitators are knowledgeable with strong dynamic leadership. The course is worth your time.”

“The workshop is invaluable to inform faculty and students about the plethora of free online textbooks and OERs. Knowledge about other disciplines through discussion keeps participant engaged. Excellent facilitators; they are prompt with answers; well-organized; and knowledgeable. I recommend this experience without reservation. Best of all, the workshop materials and discussions are in Blackboard and¬†asynchronous.”

“The OER workshop equips faculty with knowledge, skills and tools that allow identification, evaluation, adoption, and integration of free and open online materials, to replace costly textbooks with “Zero Textbook Cost” options. The workshop opened up for me collections and repositories of first-class scholarship made freely available for college students. I look forward to designing and curating OER materials for all my courses.”

“The OER workshop expanded my understanding of the possibilities for texts to use in my courses. Everything from the assignments to the engagement with others in the course to the final project assignment all worked together to create an excellent experience. The facilitators were superb in their knowledge and responsive to questions and provided suggestions throughout. My time was well spent!”

“Everything you need to know about OER, but did not know how to ask!”